IT & Software

SQL For Data Science With Google Big Query

This course assumes you know nothing about SQL and teaches you all the basics as well as more advanced features/methods.  You will also get to learn Google Big Query, a very popular cloud based tool for querying large amounts of data at scale in the cloud. Not only will you learn SQL, but you will […]

Finance & Accounting

Negotiation Applied: Practical at Work Negotiating

Negotiation Applied: Practical at Work Negotiating Negotiate effectively at work – practical salary negotiation, buying, selling, procurement, pay rise, etc Knowing how to negotiate effectively, and with confidence, is a skill that can make a huge difference to your career, your day-to-day work life and your personal wellbeing. Whether it’s negotiating the starting salary for […]

Office Productivity

Microsoft Excel Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables

Excel Pivot Tables are an absolutely essential tool for anyone working with data in Excel. Pivots allow you to quickly explore and analyze raw data in Excel, revealing powerful insights and trends otherwise buried in the noise. In other words, they give you answers. Whether you’re exploring product sales, analyzing which marketing tactics drove the strongest conversion rates, or wondering how condo prices have trended over the past 10 years, […]

IT & Software

Red Team Ethical Hacking Beginner

Acquire the knowledge to become a Red Team operator on Windows Domains Learn how to do basic Post-Exploitation tactics on Windows Domains such as enumeration, lateral movement, local/remote effects, persistence, evasion, and much more! This course will teach you Red Team tactics in a very practical and hands-on approach! With over 30 lectures and 3 […]

Office Productivity

Microsoft Excel Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions

It’s time to show Excel who’s boss. Whether you’re starting from square one or aspiring to become an absolute Excel power user, you’ve come to the right place. This course will give you a deep understanding of the advanced Excel formulas and functions that transform Excel from a basic spreadsheet program into a dynamic and […]


Microsoft Power BI Desktop for Business Intelligence

Welcome to the #1 best-selling Power BI Desktop course – completely rebuilt for 2023! If you’re a data professional or aspiring analyst looking to learn the top business intelligence platform on the market, you’ve come to the right place. With more than 50,000 perfect 5-star reviews from students around the world, this is the course […]