Master Ethereum & Solidity Programming From Scratch in 2023

***Fully updated for 2023 and the latest version of Solidity and Ethereum.*** This course was fully re-recorded in 2022 and covers every core concept of Ethereum, Solidity and Blockchain Technology with 5 Hands-On Projects. This Ethereum and Solidity Programming course covers every major topic of Ethereum and Solidity, including Smart Contracts Compilation and Deployment on […]

IT & Software

Ethical Hacking from Scratch: Complete Bootcamp 2023

***Fully updated for 2023***  This course IS NOT like any other Ethical Hacking or  Penetration Testing course you can take online. At the end of this course, you will MASTER all the key concepts to become an effective Ethical Hacker and a Network Security Expert. This new Ethical Hacking course is constantly updated to teach […]


Go (Golang) Programming: The Complete Go Bootcamp 2023

***Fully updated for 2023*** This Go (Golang) Programming course covers every major topic, including Pointers, Methods, and Interfaces (Go OOP), Concurrency In Depth (Goroutines, Channels, Mutexes, WaitGroups), Go Packages and Modules, and many more! I am constantly updating the course to be the most comprehensive, yet straightforward, Go Programming course on the market! COURSE UPDATES: […]