Typography From A to Z

Typography is one of the oldest art forms in the world, and one that has remained important even through our move from the print to the digital age. This is because you don’t need technical know-how master typography; instead, you need a keen eye for detail, a love of creating, and an appreciation of good […]


Creating Social Media Logins for Web Developers

We've all logged into a website using one of our social media accounts. It saves the user from having to remember yet another user name and password, and this type of login system is in high demand. This course teaches you how to integrate login systems for any website using any of the big three […]


PHP Object Oriented Programming Build a Login System

  Building registration and login (RL) systems is a must-have skill for any web developer. This course walks you through every step in the process of building an R/L system using PHP object oriented programming.    We’ve stripped away all the design elements of the RL system you will create so you can focus on […]

IT & Software

OWASP Proactive Controls

The OWASP: Proactive Controls course is part of a series of training courses on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). The OWASP Top Ten Proactive Controls is a list of security techniques that should be included in every software development project. They are ordered by order of importance, with control number 1 being the […]


Learn PHP Programming From Scratch

Do you want to be a web developer? Do you need to brush up on your PHP skills? Then you’re in the right place! This is the most comprehensive PHP course on Udemy. You will learn everything from the basics to more advanced PHP programming using real world examples and sample projects. Check out the […]

Office Productivity

OWASP: Threats Fundamentals

The OWASP: Threats Fundamentals course is part of a series of training courses on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). This course covers the fundamental concepts and techniques to identify different types of threats. The course also teaches the students to improve the security by avoiding misconfigurations, data exposure and insecure cryptography. The OWASP […]

IT & Software

Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)

The “Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)” course is a comprehensive training program that focuses on providing participants with the knowledge and skills required to design, install, configure, and troubleshoot wireless networks. This course serves as a stepping stone for individuals aiming to pursue a career in wireless networking or enhance their existing networking expertise. The […]

IT & Software

Certified Professional Ethical Hacker (CPEH)

The Certified Professional Ethical Hacker (CPEH) is a vendor-neutral certification offered by Mile2 for the students willing to learn the importance of vulnerability assessments by gaining industry knowledge and skills in vulnerability assessments. In doing so, the CPEH students are able to understand how malware and destructive viruses function. In addition to this, the CPEH […]