Ultimate Persuasion Psychology Persuasion and Influence

LIKE ALL OTHER COURSES. UNLIKE ANY OTHER COURSE Learn 56 state-of-the-art elite persuasion and influence techniques from my 5 years of influence and performance coaching for top executives in all different types of sales situations. I’m a 2x MIT-backed entrepreneur turned persuasion psychology/negotiation skills coach who has worked with (and made better negotiators of) different profiles, and this course is for […]

Finance & Accounting

Fundamentals of Private Equity

PRIVATE EQUITY, PRIVATE KNOWLEDGE The PE industry is one of the most lucrative ones. It’s also complex to understand, if you don’t have the right guide. A lot of techniques, knowledge and hands-on tips are not usually shared. Usually, what would find would be generic courses with theoretical materials in terms of valuations or general job descriptions, not […]