15 Days of SQL: The Complete SQL Masterclass 2023

Master SQL in just 15 days from Basics to Pro by working daily on real-life projects

Learn SQL with the world’s best SQL course in just 15 days!

1 hour per day, for just 15 days and you will be fluent in SQL!

That’s the only course you need to completely master SQL.

You will be guided step-by-step from beginner to absolute expert in SQL.

Why is this the best course you can take?

  1. The most comprehensive course that teaches you everthing from beginner to expert

  2. Much more challenges & hands-on coding exercises than other courses

  3. Much more real-life advanced topics that other courses don’t cover

By the end of this guided experience you will be so fluent in SQL to get a job and work professionally and with a lot of confidence with SQL!

This is the most comprehensive & most modern course you can find on SQL.

Here is why:

  • Most comprehenisve course with 14 hours video lectures and most topics

  • Master SQL by working on real-life challenges

  • Learn PostgreSQL – the most modern SQL system & easy to transfer to all other SQL dialects

  • We will set up two modern databases and learn everything with realistic data, so you can do everything hands-on!

  • Learn from a real expert – crystal clear & straight-forward

  • Understand everything step by step from the absolute basics to the advanced topics

  • Learn the practical to upskill your career or find a job with SQL

We cover every single important topic you will need including the advanced topics other courses do not cover!



  • JOINs

  • Functions

  • UNIONs

  • Data manipulation & Data Definition

  • Views

  • Window functions

  • Grouping sets

  • Rollups

  • Transactions

  • Subqueries

  • Query optimization

  • Indexes and much more!

Plus, tons of practical challenges and 2 complete course projects and much more challenges than you can find anywhere else!

This course will take you all the way from beginner to being able to upskill your career and make you ready to get a job with SQL!

Check out the free video previews and enroll now!

See you inside the course!

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  • Size: 5.6 GB
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  • Rating: 4.67