ADHD: 30 Days To The Life You Deserve

An ADHDer Psychotherapist takes you on an ADHD Makeover Journey to build your perfect career, relationships, & life

This is a 30-day Makeover course not for how you look, but for your ADHD. This exciting course is led by award-winning psychotherapist, international speaker, and human guinea pig Alina Kislenko MA RP, who has ADHD & ASD herself and who specializes in it at The ADHD & Spectrum Centre.  Though often seen as a curse, ADHD can be a HUGE gift that comes with, wait for it, SUPERPOWERS. And not dinky ones that aren’t real, but serious powers of hyperfocus and specialization that explains why ADHDers are the industry leaders in SO MANY fields, from the Olympics (Michael Phelps & Simone Biles) to hollywood (Will Smith & Mary-Kate Olsen) to entrepreneurialism (Sir Richard Branson & Charles Schwab). In this course, you’ll unleash those powers and entirely change your relationship with your ADHD, your brain, and, not exaggerating, your life in general!

This is not your usual ADHD class. Sure, you’ll learn cool bits about your brain and some tips and tricks on how to work with your learning needs, but, above all else, this is a lifestyle design course with ADHD always front of mind. Because one of the biggest elements that research shows makes or breaks an ADHDer is their environment, from their love life, to their friends, to their work, to their home. EVERYTHING needs to be on purpose, with everything from how you process info, to how often you hang out with people, to the colours you paint your walls – you need to find your own unique way of doing everything so that your ADHD superpowers can break through all the monotony that keeps your abilities typing you in knots. 

People with ADHD were born to be great! This course helps you build yourself, your self-esteem, and your world to be so ADHD friendly that your life will FINALLY be filled with ease, success, meeting your potential, self-pride, and fulfilment (yeah, that stuff isn’t just for other people anymore). No more living like a chicken with your head cut off for you, running from emergency to emergency, this course opens a portal to a completely unique way of life that is completely compatible with your unique brain wiring.

This course is the product of Alina’s decade of obsessive research on understanding her own (and her clients’) ADHD. So instead of having to lose a decade of your life stuck in the deepest, weirdest parts of the internet and being a human guinea pig to get all this knowledge (like Alina did), you get it all in this course, and only in 30 days!

Also, meds are great for ADHD, and you should talk to your doctor about them if they’re right for you, but this course specifically focuses on research-backed, non-medicinal methods of managing your neurochemistry, behaviours, emotions, and energy. 

And don’t forget to check out my other udemy ADHD course sharing strategies for focus and motivation, called “Focus & Motivation Strategies…That ACTUALLY Work!”. This course focuses more on lifestyle design while that one is great for people seeking to focus better (such as students) and cue their motivation at will.

Woo! Let’s get started!

P.S. Here’s a guy who’s figured things out:

“If someone told me you could be normal or you could continue to have your ADHD, I would take ADHD,” 

– JetBlue Airways founder David Neeleman 

With this course, you’ll figure your ADHD out too!

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