Ansible: Beginner to Pro

Master Ansible In No Time

Where do you start?

How would you install software on 1 server?

Would you do it manually or maybe use a script?

Now how about 10 servers?

What about 1000 servers?

Nightmare thinking about it but this will be part of your daily job when you work as a Cloud Engineer!

There are a few solutions out there but one stands out from the rest: Ansible

There’s no escaping it! Everything is moving to the cloud and so should you! Making Ansible an ESSENTIAL SKILL for you to have in your toolbox!

Now that you know the value of mastering Ansible Yesterday, where do you start?

We’ve been there and walked in your shoes…

Warp 9 to the rescue!

Our goal is to teach you to confidently work with Ansible at Warp speed – it’s in our name after all!

The way we do this is by teaching you what’s actually used in industry!

Packed full of hands-on, easy to follow demonstrations.

Cutting out all the BS, Fluff and Filler!

The course is crammed with demonstrations and hands-on challenges for you to complete that really test everything you’ve learnt.

You’re openly encouraged to join in with the demos so that by the end of the course, the commands and code become muscle memory.

You’ll be surprised how much you remember when you get to the end of the course.

Topped with hands-on challenges, you’ll be lightyears ahead of everyone elsewho stuck with the traditional PowerPoint™ heavy, information overload, slow AND time wasting courses.

The only PowerPoint™ slide you’ll see, is in the intro.

This is going to be your UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!

You’ll be learning Ansible from me: TJ Addams

I’ve worked at Capgemini and with Deloitte on huge, multi-million dollar projects using the tools I’m teaching you.

You’re not learning from someone who’s just “good”, you’re learning from THE BEST!

Throughout this course, I’ll be sharing industry tricks of the trade and best-practises that you simply WILL NOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE!

On this course you’ll be learning :

  • How to work with Ansible and AWS

  • Dynamic Inventories for large projects

  • Managing and securing information using Vault

  • Combining Terraform and Ansible

  • Hacks to speed up your Ansible run times

And that’s just a fraction of what you’ll be learning on the course!

In case you still have doubts, we’re so sure you’ll love the course, there’s a 30 day no questions asked refund, in case you aren’t 100%satisfied!

What are you waiting for?

Sign up and learn everything you need to know about Ansible tomorrow, Today!

Your biggest regret will be not signing up sooner!

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