Build Node.js apps with AWS DynamoDB and Docker containers

Build scalable apps using Node, Amazon's DynamoDB (key-value store), Docker containers & host them on with auto-scaling

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Build a REST API using Node.js alongside the Express library

  • Persist data using AWS DynamoDB

  • You will learn how to develop using DynamoDB on your local computer before deploying your app in production

  • Containerize your app using Docker

  • Push your app to AWS Elastic Container Registry

  • Host your app using AWS Fargate & AWS Load Balancing

  • Enable auto-scaling which means AWS will take care of adding / removing compute resources to cater to demand spikes on your app

  • Point a domain name to your app so it’s easily accessible

Who is this course for?

  • Javascript beginners

  • Developers wanting to learn how to deploy apps using AWS Fargate & Load balancing

Why is JavaScript and Node so awesome?

  • Well, it’s the most used programming language in the world

  • Heaps of community support when you encounter bugs and issues

  • Loads of companies looking for JavaScript developers

Why is AWS Fargate so amazing?

  • It automatically provisions and monitors the load on our compute resources so we don’t have to

  • It auto-scales our app so meet traffic loads, and scales back to reduce costs

  • It turns a traditional app into a “serverless” one

Learning methodology:

We take a learn-by-doing approach. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a running NodeJS Express application. Over the course of the lectures you’ll develop your very own To Do List backend application.

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  • Size: 1.38 GiB
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  • Rating: 3.14