Burp Suite Bug Bounty Web Hacking from Scratch

Become highly paid Bug Bounty hunter and Earn Money Ethically, Web Hacking and Security

This course is complete Bug bounty hunting is the art of finding security vulnerabilities or bugs in a website and responsible for disclosing it to that company’s security team in a legitimate way.

Wants to earn Millions of Dollars from Bug Bounty Hunting?

Thinking become highly paid Bug Bounty hunter?

Bug bounty programs have become a solid staple to help turn hackers and computer security researchers away from any black hat activity.

Bug bounty programs impact over 523+ international security programs world wide..

Here I came up with my First course “Master in Burp Suite Bug Bounty Web Security and Hacking

Burp suite: this tool makes you Millionaire. I believe this course will be a tremendous guide for your bug bounty journey.

This course contains rich, real world examples of security vulnerabilities testing and reports that resulted in real bug bounties.

This course is centered around the practical side of penetration testing on Burp to Test for the OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities

without ignoring the theory behind each attack. This course will help you to get started in bug bounty program..

After completion of this course, you will receive a Course Completion Certification from Udemy.

See you in lecture..

I am very excited to teach you..

NOTE: All the contents created for educational purposes only and all the practical attacks are launched in my own devices.  

Students reviews:

“Well explained and easy to follow. I enjoyed it very much” -Shreekant Awati

“Thank you, Instructor for web security course. Using this course Now I can build web application fully secured and I am very excited to find bugs. SQL INJECTION section fully scratch plz add SQL exploitation also. I recommend to all web developer and security analyser. Thank you”   –Logitechi U

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