Control Excel with Python and OpenPyXL

Become an Excel Power User with Python & OpenPyXL


  • Basic Python knowledge – Don’t worry, we will cover each code snippet

  • You will need a computer with Python 3 installed, then we will cover how to install OpenPyXL

  • Some form of spreadsheet program. I use Excel, but you can also use OpenOffice or similar applications


Become an Excel Power User – Learn how to control & automate Excel with Python and OpenPyXL

Do you have a bunch of Excel files that you need to format or put some value in a cell on each page? Do you need to create Charts on your spreadsheets or insert formulas? Maybe you just want to show off at the office! Whatever your needs, you can expect a comprehensive guide going through the nuts and bolts of how automating Excel works. The course dives straight into OpenPyXL, so you will be up and running creating and manipulating spreadsheets in no-time.

I have had so much use of OpenPyXL when dealing with spreadsheets. You can create advanced sorts and filters, insert and delete rows, copy cells, set custom formatting and much more. I even got a job based on my OpenPyXL knowledge. I am sure you will benefit from learning OpenPyXL if you have even the slightest interest in making your everyday life easier.

After taking this course you will:

  • Know how to create and manipulate Workbooks and Sheets

  • Read cell data with absolute and relative references

  • Iterate over cells and perform actions on each cell

  • Know how to delete rows and columns

  • Insert formulas and tables

  • Format your spreadsheets with fonts, colors and cell types

  • Understand how you could apply this knowledge to your own work

  • Create files and folders

  • Interact with open and save file dialogs

Whether it’s gaming, business, engineering, or data you’re passionate about, this course will give you everything you need for working on spreadsheets with Python. Take this course today, and begin your journey to having a full-fledged career as an Excel Power User!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in controlling and automating Excel with Python – with or without coding experience. People who want to get rid of manually editing hundreds of spreadsheets by hand

  • Especially suitable for those who would like to extract or add data on multiple spreadsheets or automate the creation of spreadsheets from input data

  • People who would like to know more about solving Excel problems with Python

  • People who would like to start consulting services by automating Excel tasks

  • Course Category: Business
  • Size: 2.91 GiB
  • Download: Download
  • Rating: 4.46