Drone Photogrammetric Image Processing (Beginner to Expe

Advanced Drone/UAV Photogrammetry Image Processing for Geospatial Data Generation

This course is all about UAV/Drone image processing for GIS data product generation through Agisoft Metashape. In this course, the end to end UAV/Drone image processing steps are explained in detail starting from image preprocessing/post-processing to accuracy assessment including theoretical content that provides better understanding. Other than Ortho, DSM, DTM. Point Cloud, Contour and 3D mesh generation this course detailed about stereo satellite image processing, panorama generation, volume calculation, ortho color correction, stereo setup file creation, RTK and PPK image processing and Network-based Parallel Image Processing for Massive image processing. I hope this course will provide “Most Advanced UAV/Drone Image Processing Knowledge to the Learners and the geospatial professional/community”.

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