Electronic Circuits Analysis by PSpice

This course is for those who want to learn a real simulation of electronic circuit

 It simulates complex mixed-signal designs containing both analog and digital parts, and it supports a wide range of simulation models such as IGBTs, pulse width modulators, DACs, and ADCs. Its built-in mathematical functions and behavioral modeling techniques enable fast and accurate simulation of designs with efficient debugging. PSpice A/D also allows users to design and generate simulation models for transformers and DC inductors.

Scalability options include PSpice Advanced Analysis capabilities and integration with MathWorks MATLAB Simulink for co-simulation. Advanced capabilities such as temperature and stress analysis, electro-mechanical simulation, worst-case analysis, Monte Carlo analysis, and curve-fit optimizers help engineers design high-performance circuits that are reliable and withstand parameter variation.

Electronic circuits Analysis by PSpice  aims to teach Students, engineers and designers who want to simulate the operation of electronic circuits
before producing in a unique environment.Simulation and performing of various tests on electronic circuits and their DC or AC analysis in the domain of time, frequency, etc.

  • Course Category: Design
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