Ethical Hacking: Advance MITM Attacks Using Raspberry PI

Learn Real World Hacking Scenarios Using Raspberry Pi and Secure Your Network

The most costly element of a cyber attack is a data loss and financial industries are higher at risk of cyber attacks.

In this course we are going to look real world hacking scenarios and how to deal with it we will be doing Scenario based MitM attacks using Raspberry PI as our Attacking device. We will start this course by installing Kali Linux on Raspberry PI then we will look how we can create Remote Based Connection on Raspberry PI without using any keyboard mouse or monitor.

Then we will look scenarios like sniffing data for long time on Raspberry PI, or creating MitM attack from one network to another network on Raspberry PI and how to analyze long sniffed file. We will also look how we can create Fake Access Point using Raspberry PI at last we will look how to Secure our Own network from such type of attacks.

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