Fullstack Laravel 10 + Vue.js 3 (2023) Build APIs and SPAs

The ultimate guide to build APIs and Single Page Applications (SPAs) with Laravel 10 & Vue.js 3, build 3 projects

Welcome to Fullstack Laravel 10 + Vue.js 3 (2023) –  Build APIs and SPAs course. This course will teach you how to combine the most popular PHP Framework, Laravel, with Vue.js to build APIs and SPAs from scratch.

Here are what students are saying about this course:

— Excellent course, full of powerful tools and useful information for Laravel and Vue.js development.

— The author explains everything in detail and where possible, provides multiple solutions for a specific task. He also delves into areas not usually covered in other courses (e.g, removing redundant code).

This course is Great very detailed and easy to follow

The Instructor knows what his doing and very knowledgeable in the topic

+points for git repository per lesson if you are lose you can look up into it to compare codes

minor trouble of typo errors but not a big deal.

All of my courses are project-driven learning, in this course, we will build 3 real-world projects, that will make you proud of yourself and make you confident to build full-stack web applications that you can imagine.

Here’s exactly what you will learn:

  • Basic Laravel features: database migration, database seeds, model factories, accessor & mutators, form validation, authentication and authorization.

  • Advanced Eloquent Relationship: Many to many and Many to Many polymorphic relationships.

  • Integrating Fontawesome 5 via Laravel mix.

  • Integrating Bootstrap 4/5 for UI Styling.

  • Implementing DRY principle.

  • Using Git for version control and Github as a code repository.

  • Introduction to Vue js: Directive, list rendering, conditional rendering, class binding, style binding, components, mixins and much more.

  • Integrating Vue js & Ajax to make our application more interactive.

  • RESTfull API Development

  • Deploy Laravel applications in Heroku and Digital Ocean Virtual Private Server.

  • Upgrade the Laravel application to the newer version to make our app up to date.

  • And much more

In addition to the lectures, I also provide the complete source code on GitHub where you can see all changes that I made for each lecture so that you can always have access to the full codebase for the application.

  • Course Category: Development
  • Size: 10.2 GB
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  • Rating: 4.46