Game Development in JS The Complete Guide (w/ Phaser 3)

Master game dev with Javascript/Typescript and Phaser 3. Create popular browser games from scratch. Publish on Facebook.

What is Phaser?

Phaser is a framework for creating HTML-based games in Javascript. It’s very simple to use and get started with. It provides a full set of features to create professional games ready to be published on different platforms. Such as Facebook Instant Games, IOS, or Android platforms.

What is in the course?

During this course, you will acquire hands-on experience in developing three games entirely from scratch. The games include a clone of Flappy Bird, a well-known Dino game from Google Chrome, and a custom Platformer game. No shortcuts will be taken throughout the course, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the development process. The curriculum encompasses JavaScript, with an added section dedicated to creating a game using TypeScript.

This course is designed to teach you how to create your own games from scratch using Javascript and the Phaser framework. Through a series of practical exercises, you will learn how to develop games that are engaging, challenging, and fun. By the end of the course, you will have created your own games that can be published on Facebook Instant Games.

The course will cover a range of important concepts in game development, including how to initialize the Phaser Game, manipulate physical concepts like gravity and velocity, create and recycle game objects, and use multiple scenes like menu, score, pause, and play. You will also learn how to create difficulty systems and keep track of scores.

In addition to these foundational concepts, the course will also teach you how to create more complex games like platformers. You will learn how to use the Tiled editor to design maps and levels, create different types of attacks like melee and projectile attacks, and animate game objects like characters and enemies. We will also cover advanced concepts like Raycasting, which will allow you to detect enemies and traps, and create a health system that triggers game over when health reaches zero.

The final project of the course will be to create a multi-level platformer game. You will learn how to unlock levels and display credits once the player reaches the end of the game. Throughout the course, you will gain valuable experience that can be applied to other game development platforms like Unity or Unreal Engine.

In conclusion, this course offers an extensive and practical introduction to game development with Javascript and the Phaser framework. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, you will gain valuable insights and skills that will enable you to create your own engaging and fun games.

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