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Learn how to setup your Google Ads

Online Course “Certified Google Advertising Professional”

Certified Google Advertising Professional

In this course, you will learn how to set and effectively manage campaigns in Google Search, Google Display Network and YouTube as a way to bring potential customers to your website and convert them into leads or sales.

In this case course students will learn to:

Setting up Your Google Ads Account

· How to create a Google Ads Account

· What preferences to choose when you setting up the account

· How to setup your billing payment and payment methods

Manage Google Search Ads

· Setup campaigns in Google Search

· Find the best keywords and write amazing advertising texts that will capture audience attention.

· Apply methods that will help use improve the quality score of the keywords.

· Use the tools that can help the measurement and analysis of the results

· Effectively determine the bid and advertising budget

Manage Campaigns in Google Display Network

· Set up campaigns in Google Display Network

· Set the right parameters for better targeting.

· Choose the right targeting so that banners ads will appear in targeted websites and at the same time reduce the cost per click.

· Create re-targeting campaigns that will follow website visitors

· Measure and optimize the Google Display Network campaigns

Manage Campaign in YouTube

· Set up campaign that will play in YouTube

· Choose the right YouTube campaign based on the goals requested

· Promote videos through the YouTube paid video ads for maximum exposure.

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