Hands on Zigbee using Raspberry Pi

Learn about one of the trending wireless protocols to implement innovative projects.

This course is primarily oriented towards the concepts related to Zigbee right from the basics. It starts with explaining what exactly is Zigbee and how one can establish a Zigbee network. Details such as the different modes of operations and also the different forms in which Zigbee devices can be a part of the network are also covered. 

You will then be taught about the requirements to establish and implement a Zigbee network. The installation and configuration parts are explained step by step covering all minute details. A Raspberry Pi is introduced into the picture after establishing a zigbee network using Windows. A communication link is established between a Raspberry Pi and Windows system. Communication with Raspberry Pi can also be done using other OS as well. How that can be made possible is explained in the course. 

You will then learn to implement a basic Raspberry Pi project: Prototype of a traffic management system using Zigbee. Here you’ll learn how the communication established earlier helps you to control the Raspberry Pi in order to control the signal lights at the junction.

The next step is to increase the level of project from basic to intermediate. You will learn how to control household devices using the Raspberry Pi and Zigbee. I can assure that the coding will be explained step by step and once you the learn the coding for one project, you will be able to implement many more by yourself.

Finally, we’ll summarize the entire course and suggest you a few ideas which you can try for yourself using a Raspberry Pi and zigbee devices.

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