HandsOn Guide to Argo Workflows on Kubernetes

Learn how to orchestrate Kubernetes-native workflows with Argo Workflows.

Argo Workflows is a container native workflow engine for orchestrating jobs in Kubernetes. This means that complex workflows can be created and executed completely in a Kubernetes cluster.

It provides a mature user interface, which makes operation and monitoring very easy and clear. There is native artifact support, whereby it is possible to use completely different artifact repositories (Minio, AWS S3, Artifactory, HDFS, OSS, HTTP, Git, Google Cloud Service, raw).

Templates and cron workflows can be created, with which individual components can be created and combined into complex workflows. This means that composability is given. Furthermore, workflows can be archived and Argo provides a REST API and an Argo CLI tool, which makes communication with the Argo server easy.

It is also worth mentioning that Argo Workflows can be used to manage thousands of parallel pods and workflows within a Kubernetes cluster. And robust repetition mechanisms ensure a high level of reliability.

There is already a large, global community that is growing steadily. Just to name IBM, SAP and NVIDIA. It is mainly used for machine learning, ETL, Batch – and data processing and for CI / CD. And what is also very important – it is open source and a project of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to create complex workflows with and without cron triggers using the different concepts and workflow functionalities. You will be able to create workflow templates and use them as reusable building blocks for complex workflows. And you get to know and apply the Argo features.

What can you expect in the course?

You will receive more than 50 primarily practical lessons, which include more than 6 hours of video material. You can download the associated workflow definitions as .yaml and the instructions as well as the Powerpoint slides as .pdf from the course materials.

Each chapter ends with an exercise that you have to solve yourself. Of course, the solutions are also made available to you here as a video and the .yamls.

You will get access to the online Q&A forum, where either other course participants or I will answer your questions.

And finally, if you successfully complete the course, you will also receive a certificate that will look good on your CV.

30 days money back guarentee

If you are not satisfied with the course, you are welcome to return it without any problems within 30 days and you will get your money back.

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