How to give your laptop a second life SSD, HDD, RAM, Fans

Upgrade to a Solid State Drive, add RAM, clean the fan, replace thermal paste, test your laptop. Remove a virus.

Give your laptop a second life with this course! Is your laptop too slow? Overheating? Maybe you have a virus? Want to add some RAM or a brand new Solid State Drive (SSD)? This is a hands-on course focusing on both hardware and software aspects, showing you how to get started in these areas.

You’ve come to the right place. These high quality videos show you how to open a laptop, identify what’s inside and upgrade it. Give your laptop a second life!

• How to dismantle a laptop easily
• Learn how to remove a hard drive and RAM
• Replace your old hard drive and add a new SSD
• Clone your old hard drive – no back up required
• Add RAM to your laptop
• Clean the fan
• Replace thermal compound on your cpu/gpu *
• Check the temperatures of your CPU, graphics card, and hard drive
• Test your laptop and make sure it is stable
• Update BIOS
• Check tips and applications to help you get rid of a virus or trojan
• Learn if it makes any sense to use a cooling pad
• A lot of tips and tricks

In over 3 hours of content, this course covers all the basics about hardware and software updates for your laptop. Learn how to open a laptop, replace the hard drive, and clean the fan. All lectures are recorded in Full HD showing you all details. I focus on Windows-based devices but there is a chapter dedicated to MacBooks as well (how to open, remove the disk, RAM, etc.). 

There are lectures for more advanced students (*) too. Tips, tricks, and applications you need to know! What are you waiting for? 

Give your laptop a second life. Join now!

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  • Rating: 4.76