How to Sell Anything to Anyone

Ethically Proven Persuasion Techniques, Sales Systems, Effective Negotiations & Pitches, All Backed By Years of Science

Are you nervous about selling products & services online or off?

Do you feel that some people don’t take you seriously enough or that you don’t have the much-needed confidence?

Are you happy with your income? Are there missed opportunities slipping through your fingers that you don’t know about?

If you want to drastically improve your sales success then you’ve come to the right place.

These testimonials sum up what this course can do for you:

Scott Jackson

In this course on sales Desmond points out some very enlightening information. I have been in outside sales for a number of years and thought I was an old hat at it. He showed me that and “old dog can learn new tricks” with his training and new insights on this course. His delivery keeps me very interested in the subject matter and I seem to be able to remember it even better. Everyone is in sales no matter what you are doing so this course can be a benefit to anyone who needs to improve their sales skills. Even if you are just trying to get a date, job, promotion, talk your partner into going out to dinner – this course if for you!
Desmond’s training is spot on. He has a style that is easy to understand and learn from. So don’t hesitate – get this course and you will have a better grasp of sales!

Jennifer Johnson

Calling all entrepreneurs, salespeople, career driven people, and anyone looking to boost their productivity! This class provides you with actionable methods to understand how your potential customers think, what tools you can use to hook them with the unexpected, and how to lead them to the proverbial water most effectively, rather than forcing them to drink. Instructor Desmond Bryam introduces concrete techniques for pitching to clients and investors, what you need to become awesome at public speaking (which we all need), and how to close the sale. I’m not a salesperson, but this course taught me how to pitch myself in career settings (after all, we have to be selling our skills and framing ourselves the best we can in order to snag that job or promotion), as well as boost my productivity at work with hacks such as the pomodoro technique, and how to set “mini habits” for success. Desmond is a phenomenal speaker and teacher, and he truly practices what he preaches. I highly recommend this course, and encourage you to learn from the best!

A Little About My Experience:

I started my first sales company when I was 15 years old & I already had a team working for me at that time (we sold embroidered polo shirts) 

By age 22 I owned a full-time investment agency (Doyle Wealth Financial) with my own team. 

But my age & shyness were always a factor. Being taken seriously & being assertive enough to demand the authority that I deserved in each industry was a problem for me.

The answer came when I discovered Neuro-Scientific research that pointed to why we all do what we do & think how we think. 

These ideas gave me the confidence to overcome the unknown because it shined a bright light on everything that I needed to know to own the sales world.

Have you ever learned something about a topic that once seemed so terrifying, and then when you understood it all, you sort of laughed at yourself for fearing it all this time?

Well that’s exactly what happened to me & what will happen to you once you learn the killer system in this very course.

I developed this proven method in order to now share with you what led to my success so early on.

The Close More Sales Method (Years In The Making) Is Backed By Science & Proven Results:

  • Learn This One Thing That Gets Everyone’s Attention (Fast)

  • Create Your Own Inner Value Proposition

  • Gather Specific Intelligence To Present Like A Pro

  • Get Real-Time Insights About Your Prospect

  • Work With Screeners, Gatekeepers, And Assistants

  • Perfect Your Opening & Closing Statements

  • Minimize Resistance

  • Get A Commitment For The Next Action

  • Stay Motivated

  • And Much, Much More!

 You are going to learn the rock-solid neuroscience & psychology behind these unstoppable sales techniques. 

 I’ve learned over time that those who truly want to succeed in sales, for the longterm & for many years to come, are those that know the value of a good reputation & trust, plus they aren’t lazy, they actually want to succeed & make a good living off of helping everyone win.

 This course will teach you how to craft a true win-win-win scenario where first the customer wins by getting exactly what they want & the company wins by growing & you automatically win by getting paid for your results. The more you help everyone else win, the more you will win & this is a timeless method that will boost your career for a lifetime. 

 Honesty never goes out of style in selling, but short gimmicks only last so long.

 I am going to show you how I was so frustrated in sales because I was being so honest with my customers but still not selling as much as I could have, I was barely making it.

 Then I discovered that honesty & trust needed one more critical key added to it in order to become the ultimate selling machine.

After learning these simple ideas (all backed by science & proven results) I was then able to work part time hours & earn the same (or more) commissionable income than the top agents in my firm who worked fulltime hours!

 I found those critical pieces that were missing, what we all desire & what specific pieces of information mean the most to us & help us feel good & secure about our purchase. This drastically increased my success in sales.

 I am going to show you exactly what they are & how you can easily obtain these skills in your own career/pursuit/venture or project.

 It’s interesting how we all create a narrative based on what we think is important.

 We see what we want to see. But just because you’re not looking at something…    doesn’t mean it’s not there. Learn the missing key to your sales success right here & right now.

 This strategy kept working in every industry I moved on to, it was insane! This is because of a very fundamental fact, you are always selling to a human, robots don’t buy stuff. 

 Even the most reasonable person is still a human & has feelings & emotions no matter how hard you think it is to find it in them. But they always have a direct route or channel to their emotion switch. We are all hardwired with that same exact switch. 

 Some people’s emotional switch might be a little harder to turn, you might have to put a little more effort into it, but its still there & I’ll show you how to find it & work with it so that both you & your customer truly win every single time.

 Your probably having the same exact doubt that I had: this works fine with person to person sales in the public, but working B2B is a different game all together. 

 I thought the same exact thing too! 

 And I was wrong, this method works even better!!!

 I found out that in bigger industries where selling to big companies is so important, the employees are even more desperate to be treated this way & to be truly understood even more so because everyone just sees them as one big company faceless company with no individuality. 

 But when you put a face on something it changes how you view it, even how you treat them. A study done with X-Ray technicians found that if you add a photo of the person to their folder, then the technician spends more time, gives more accurate & thorough findings & overall gives better quality. All they did was add a photo of the person to the chart. They put a face on them.

 I found a way to be unexpected & it worked so well that I used a presentation time & again that was just a restaurant menu template. The first time I used it was with an extremely hard to sell accountant who counted everything twice. 

 After I delivered the presentation to the CEO & then again to the tight budgeted CFO, this simple presentation resulted in a six figure deal that lasted for years. I will show you how to the deliver like this.

 If you want to learn how to close more sales & reach your full selling potential then this course is right for you. 

Let’s take this journey together. I’ll see you inside.

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