IP Addressing and Subnetting – Zero to Hero

Go from zero to advanced in IP addressing in a single course!

As a computer science teacher, I noticed that IP addressing was one of the most intimidating topics for my students, and yet, it’s so simple for those who truly get to understand it.

My goal here was to create a course that is as simple as possible, and therefore, easy to understand for everyone, including those who are just starting their journey into computer networks. One thing I added (that I haven’t seen in the other courses) is summarization – this topic may not be interesting to beginners, but if you plan on getting familiar with advanced routing techniques, you may want to practice summarization.

IP addressing is a fundamental component of computer networks – enabling devices to communicate, facilitating data transfer, and supporting the growth of the internet. It provides a unique identifier for each device, assists in routing and forwarding data, allows for network segmentation, supports various network services, and ensures scalability for the expanding number of connected devices. Without IP addressing, the internet as we know it would not be possible, thus, let’s learn about it together!

I’ll be checking the Q&A section daily, so feel free to ping me if anything’s unclear, or even with an assignment not related to this course.

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