Istio HandsOn for Kubernetes

Learn how the Istio service mesh can turbo charge your Kubernetes career - with hands on, real world practicals

Istio is one of the most talked-about frameworks in recent years! If you’ve worked with Kubernetes before, then you’ll want to learn Istio! With this hands-on, practical course, you’ll be able to gain experience in running your own Istio Service Meshes.

The course has now been updated to Istio 1.15, which now supports Apple M1 (and ARM processors in general).

This course is designed to be clear and understandable – and fun! But we also go into detail – you’ll be learning how to use Istio in real production scenarios – and you’ll be looking at the inner workings of Istio.

You can run this course on your own computer, using Minikube (8Gb of Host Ram required) – you don’t need a cloud provider, although you can also run the course there – anywhere that you can run Kubernetes!

After a brief talk about what Istio is, we go straight into a hands-on demo, where you’ll experience how Istio can solve difficult problems on live projects.

Then you’ll find out the details of:

  • Traffic Management

  • Telemetry

  • Visualisation (with Kiali)

  • Distributed Tracing (with Jaeger)

  • Using Grafana to monitor network traffic

  • How to deploy canary releases

  • How to do “Dark Releases”

  • Istio VirtualServices and DestinationRules

  • Load Balancing and Session Affinity

  • Istio Gateways

  • Resilience testing with Fault Injection

  • Circuit Breaking/Outlier Detection

  • Securing cluster traffic with Mutual TLS (mTLS)

The “learning curve” for Istio is steep – which is why I’ve designed this course to be as clear and understandable as possible, and I hope with the hands-on demos, you’ll also have fun along the way. But most of all, Istio is an extremely powerful tool, and it’s a great addition to your CV!

  • Course Category: IT & Software
  • Size: 4.83 GiB
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  • Rating: 4.73