Learn Advanced Python Concepts

Learn the intuition, implementation of each Advanced Level Python Concepts and Make Real Applications out of it

In this course, I am going to assume that you have learned the basics of Python and are looking to become a professional professional programmer by learning Advance Level Programming in Python. By Learning just the basics concepts of Python, you can’t make Real time applications therefor, I have covered most of the Advance Level Concepts in depth in this course. As grabbing the main concept behind Advance Topics is not simple therefor, special attention is given to the intuition part of each concept where we gonna understand these concepts with proper animated slides.

Also not only understanding these advance concepts are important but to make something real out of it is very important or else there is no reason to learn Advance Programming therefor we will also make real time Advance level Applications in Python using Advance level concepts. We will also learn Machine Learning in Python in depth by covering the Mathematics behind each model as well. Also we will use these Machine Learning Models to make something real out of it.

I believe that after taking this course, you gonna feel much more satisfied and comfortable with your programming skill in Python as you will then be a professional programmer who is capable to give any job interview.. Also after taking this course, learning any Advance Level concept in any other language will be 10x more simpler.

I wish you very best for the Course.

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