Learn HTML and CSS from Scratch – Build Responsive Websites

Learn to build modern responsive websites step by step using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 and become a Web Developer!

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6.5k+ students, 4.6+ rating – Let’s start with what students have to say after taking this course:

“Great learning curve. The order in which the lessons are presented makes perfect sense and everything is explained really well, without getting boring or repetitive. The tutor has a friendly voice and calm way of speaking and doesn’t distract you with nonsense.”

– Dennis Ernst

“Brilliant! He goes over the basics slowly, he’s easy to understand, has a pleasant delivery, and doesn’t give advanced details before the basics like the other course I tried.”

– Joanne Cobbs

“Nice course! Well Presented, good structure, and lots of good practical information to get you building a nice website.”

– Richard Lespierre

“Good teaching methodology has inspired me to achieve good skills . Now I am able to make my own websites and resources and video lectures made easy to make creating responsive website”

– Yogesh Kumar Kashyap

This course has been designed keeping a learner in mind who should be able to build modern responsive websites that look good on all devices (desktop, tablet, phone…). It’s a detailed, well-structured and easy-to-follow course on HTML and CSS with lots of examples, practical exercises and responsive website projects.

So, if you want to create modern responsive websites and start your career as a Web Developer but have no coding experience, then this course is for you! In this course, you’ll learn to build beautiful websites using the latest HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 and CSS3 are two essential languages for a new web developer to learn. Using HTML, we can add content to the webpage and using CSS, we can style it to make it look beautiful and stunning.

These are also easy languages but the real challenges come when you want to actually design the website like you want. This course introduces you to those initial challenges and how to solve them with live demo, practical examples and projects (with solutions).

All this will help you gain confidence and learn quickly.

This course is designed for beginners but can be taken by anyone as it’s detailed and comprehensive. It goes from basic to advance level with in-depth explanation. So, you start as a beginner but by the end of this course, you’ll become an expert in HTML5 and CSS3.

On top of that, you’ll get 1:1 instructor support. So, feel free to ask your questions/doubts as you learn!

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  • Rating: 4.55