Learn SQL with Microsoft SQL Server

Understanding Databases and SQL

In this course I’ll teach you Structured Query LanguageSQL for short – the fast and easy way.

We’ll download and use the free trial version of Microsoft SQL Server and I’ll teach you exactly how to use it like a pro.

Databases are incredibly important in our modern world, and they remain a mystery to most people. But they’re actually pretty easy to use if you know just a few things…and I’ll teach you those things in this course. 

We’ll start out by learning fundamental database concepts, like… what is a database, what is a table, what are rows and columns, and what are data types.

After that I’ll show you how to set up and use Microsoft SQL Server. 

Then we’ll dive right in to SQL itself.  I’ll teach you basic concepts like 

– Select Statements
– Where, And or Not 
– How to Order and Group By
– And cool things like that.

Then we’ll move into slightly more difficult concepts like 

– Having and Top Clauses
– Select Distinct
– Union
– And Functions

Then we’ll jump into more advanced concepts like 

– Insert and Update Statements
– Deleting and Altering Tables
– Joining Tables 
– Primary Keys
– Indexing 
– And more!

When you get right down to it, using Databases with SQL is pretty easy, and actually a lot of fun.

Join me today and I’ll see you inside!

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