MERN Stack Full Ecommerce Site Using React, Redux, Node.js

Build Powerful MERN Stack Ecommerce Project using React, Redux, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Stripe from DEV to DEPLOYMENT

If you want to learn Full Stack Web Development using MERN stack then you have arrived at the right page. In this course, you will How to Build a Fully Functional E-commerce website using MERN Stack.

In this course, we will use four powerful technologies: React (Frontend), Node.js (Backend runtime environment), Express (Backend Framework), and MongoDB (Database).

We are also going to use Redux for state management, stipe to handle our payments, Cloudinary to handle our images, and follow the best practices to implement Authentication & Authorization.

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If you ever get stuck in any problem, I’m here to unstuck you. I always respond as fast as I can. Because I know there’s nothing worse than getting stuck into problems, especially programming problems. So, I am always here to support you.

So if you are really interested in full-stack development or if you want to learn real implementation of MERN stack, Then I will see you in the course. Below are course highlights that you can read:

  • Setting Up Environment

  • Starting with ShopIT Backend

  • Adding Products Resource

  • Backend Error Handling

  • Adding Filter, Pagination, Search

  • Authentication & Authorization

  • User Routes

  • Adding Orders Resource

  • User Reviews

  • Starting with ShopIT Frontend

  • Implementing Redux

  • Adding Pagination, Search & Filters

  • Users & Authentication Frontend

  • Adding Shopping Cart

  • Handle Checkout & Payments

  • User Orders & Reviews

  • Admin Routes

  • Deployment

  • Your Task / Assignment

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