MYSQL Course from Beginner to Expert

Learn MySQL Queries, (RDBMS) Database design implementation and secure

Do you want to learn how database maintain data of big companies ? Like Facebook, google, eBay, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon and you don’t have a basic knowledge of database HOW TO START ? Then this course is for you. In this course instructor will explain you from very beginner Level to Expert Level. it Most Highly Demand skills in software industry and also in business sectors.

What you will Learn in this course?

In this course you will Learn about MySQL syntax with theoretical and implementation in workbench.

Topics you will covered:

  • Installation of Xampp and MYSQL workbench

  • What id Database, tables and SQL ? How you can Create database, tables and SQL in workbench

  • Primary and Foreign key relations between Tables

  • Assignment on schema creation

  • How you can insert and print data from Tables

  • How you can update and delete record from table

  • What are relational and logical operators How you can apply on data

  • String matching using Like operator in SQL

  • What are Aggregate functions and How you can implement

  • What are joins ? why you need it ? How you can implement

  • Group by and use of Having

  • Nested & correlated How you can write one query with multiple methods

  • Quiz Topics we have covered

  • How you can secure your database ? How you can import/export it.

WHY This Course?

  • Easy to understand concepts

  • Theoretical + implementation + Examples

  • Short videos with fully conceptual

  • Downloadable exercise with each video

  • Interactive experience with Learning environment

  • Assessments


    has demand in markets to use in development of software’s and also maintain business database. it is also use to solve complex problem in data to perform multiple operations using different methods we will cover in this course.

    Why do you need to enroll in this course?

  • Good Salary/income Companies are hiring in field of Database management, Database administrator, Business analyst. Companies are paying good income who have know-how this course

  • Skill that help you in development of web, mobile application and business analysis.

  • Demand of Data related field is increasing day by day due to large number of data gathered

  • Big companies Google, Facebook, amazon etc. are using MySQL

    Why This Instructor ?

    He is already teaching MYSQL on university Level. He has experience of online teaching and online courses. He already published MYSQL course on different platform. He deliver concept on student level with real life examples that can help student in understanding concept for long term.

    What about certificate ?

    After completing this course you will be awarded with certificate that you can upload on LinkedIn and mention in CV to show your profile more strong.

So, HURRY UP !!! Enroll Today and start your Happy Learning MYSQL Journey from Here !

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  • Rating: 3.97