Oracle Database For Beginners

Learn how to store, manipulate, query and process data in Oracle Database using SQL and PL/SQL

Learn how to use Oracle Database to store, manipulate and query data.  It takes you from fundamentals of databases to creating program units to implement business logic and rules using PL/SQL.

The following are major topics covered:

  • What is DBMS and RDBMS

  • How to get started with Oracle Database 18c XE and Oracle SQL Developer

  • How to use SQL to retrieve, manipulate and create data

  • How to group data using GROUP BY and HAVING clauses

  • How to use different types of joins to get data from multiple tables

  • How to use subquery and correlated subquery to write complex queries

  • What is a view, advantages of view and how to manipulate base table through view

  • What is index and how index improves performance

  • Implementing object-level security using object privileges

  • How to create and use regular expressions

  • Writing PL/SQL blocks to process data

  • Various control structures in PL/SQL

  • Handling exceptions

  • Explicit and Implicit cursors

  • Creating procedures and functions to implement business logic

  • Creating database triggers to implement business rules

  • Dynamic SQL and collections

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  • Rating: 3.98