Project Management: How to create a complete Plan in 1h?

2 step by step proven methods to make a complete project timeline in 1hour. Project Plan examples included.

**** CLASS UPDATE ****

I’ve added 1 more proven method that will help you to create a complete project plan in 1h – check it at the end of the course


The number one cause of project failure is the project timeline! Having an updated project schedule at any time in the project lifecycle is vital for project success. The project plan makes the difference.

I’ve been working in project for more than a decade, I lead projects for big corporations, startups, growing businesses 

Throughout my project management career I experienced that the project timeline is created at the beginning and updated ONLY when the project gets in trouble. And this happens because keeping the project timeline up to date every day or week can be a very time consuming activity. But since it is so important to do, I came up with a very very simple way of creating the project plan and of course easy to maintain it, so it ONLY takes 1 hour to create and less than few minutes to maintain. 

This is more than a course you take to learn a new skill. It is a an workshop you can take over and over again you need to create or update a project plan. Because you start the course, you do the exercises and you know that at the end of 1 hour you’ll have your project plan up to date.

1. Do you want to define the project goal now?
2. Do you want to define all the activities of the project?
3. Do you want somebody to guide you through all the different aspects that you have to include in your project plan?
4. Do you want to learn to organize your project activities in a strategic way?
5. Do you want to add duration, assign responsible and start dates for your project tasks in a simple way?
6. Do you want to create your project GANTT now?
7. Do you want to start NOW?

 If your answer is HELL YES! Then, this course is for you!

I prepared examples, templates, guiding questions, and a lot of other support materials for you.

At the end of this 1 hour course, you’ll have your project timeline created and ready to use. 

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