React Native Ultimate Interview Guide 2023

Understand React Native Concepts In-depth, Practice Coding Exercises, Learn Coding Standards and best practices.

Welcome to the React Native Ultimate Interview Guide 2023. This Course is very special course, it helps you clear any kind of react native Interview starting from beginner level to senior lead developer and architect position.I created this course using my decade plus years of mobile development experience and several years working as a react native panel and helped multiple companies to identify the right talent.

This course covers few special topics that are required for you to clear react native native Interviews, these topics includes.

  • Coding Standards & Best Practices

  • How to ensure code quality

  • Performance optimisation of react native apps

  • Security in mobile applications

  • Unit testing of react native applications

  • How to configure build pipelines

  • How to make concurrent api calls

  • ES6 features.

  • React Native coding exercises.

  • Javascript coding exercises.

  • Quiz at the end of every section to check and recap what you learned

and many more.

So instead of joggling through plenty of sites and blog posts to prepare for an Interview. This is the all in one react native unlimited Interview guide you can come and refer anytime to prepare for an Interview, this will save a whole lot of time for you.

Don’t hesitate any longer, jump in and subscribe to this curious and exciting course.

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