REST API Security with Java Spring Boot What and How

SQL Injection, XSS prevention, HMAC, JWT, JWE, Oauth2, Okta, Denial of Service (DoS), and more about API security

In this 12+ hours course, you will learn about the importance of securing your API.

In this course, you will learn basic API threat and how to prevent the threat to protect your API.

This API security course is very handy for knowing the security knowledge to keep your API secure and prevent multiple attack threats.

Not just the theory of what are the threats, in this course we will learn the hands-on implementation on API security to prevent those threats, using Java Spring boot.

To understand the code, you must be able to at least write REST API and database transaction using spring boot.

  1. We will learn how to secure API against SQL injection, XSS (Cross Site Scripting), DoS (Denial of Service).

  2. We will also learn how to do encoding, encryption, or hashing on Java Spring Boot, which is essential knowledge in security.

  3. Then, secure your API against many possible alternatives for protection : start from the most basic authentication, cookie, or up-to-date JWT token (including encrypted JWE)

  4. Learn how to utilise Okta for OAuth2 authentication, plus multi factor authentication (using Google Authenticator and email) in less than 1 hour

  5. Not just backend, see how to protect your frontend (HTML / ReactJS) from several possible threats

  6. Learn abour CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing)

  7. Access control list

All you get in one API security course.

Plus, you will get FREE update FOREVER!


This course uses Spring Boot version 2.x.

On late November 2022, Spring Boot 3.0.0 released. It takes time for updating the course to Spring boot 3.0.0, but I will do my best.

In the meantime, you have several options:

  • works with latest version of Spring boot 2.x, and the course should full compatible

  • works with Spring boot 3.x. Most of the courses should works, but some parts might need adjustment.

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