Scala Programming For Beginners Complete Guide

Play with SCALA Programming - The Scalable Language | A MUST TAKING Programming course For Big Data Developer

  • Topics Covered:
  • Literals, Values, Variables, and Types

  • String Interpolation

  • If Else Statement and Expression

  • Match Expressions

  • Loops – for and while

  • Pattern Matching

  • Functions

  • Recursive Functions

  • Nested Functions

  • Calling Functions with Named Parameters

  • Parameters with Default Values

  • VarArg Parameters

  • Parameter Groups

  • Methods and Operators

  • Higher-Order Functions

  • Partially Applied Functions and Currying

  • Collections – List, Sets and Maps

  • Array, Seq, Stream, Tuples

In this course you are going to learn Scala Programming. The course is designed to the point and from very beginning. This course is Totally for the Beginners Who do not have any concept in Scala. After completing this course you get a basic overview about Scala Programming.

Scala is one of the Hot Demanding Language in 2017! 

The language is introduce by  Martin Odersky in 2003.

This Series explains Scala Programming in the User Friendly and Easy to understand Way!

Here In this course we start form very basic Scala Setup and then We move to the Variables, Literals, Strings any Other Advance Concepts.If you do not have any knowledge in Scala that is O. K. We Guide you from the very basic step to the advance concepts. 

If you have knowledge in Programming Language like C++, Java You get an additional Benifit.

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  • Rating: 2.99