Technical Analysis Fundamentals: Reading Stock Charts

Learn the fundamentals of Technical Analysis and discover how to read, analyze & trade stocks through their charts

In this course you will learn how to use Technical Analysis to read and view the charts, to help you invest and trade in stocks or any financial instrument that uses charts.

You will start from the basics, learning about the stock market and different kinds of charts. Before slowly moving on to more advanced and intermediate features of Technical Analysis. Finally in the end, you will learn about the different kinds of indicators and what important considerations you need to note when forming your own investing or trading strategy. 

You will see a very simple strategy being tested it on a  real stock and the results of this strategy!

What this course offers is:

  • An effective learning curriculum to give you a strong basic foundation in Technical Analysis
  • Simple relatable examples are given to help you understand the concepts in Technical Analysis
  • Lectures are delivered in a clear and concise manner and notes are provided
  • Real world examples are used to let you see how the concepts work in the actual markets
  • You will also be taught how to manage your risk and emotions, important but often overlooked points when creating a strategy
  • You will be shown a basic trend following strategy and you can see its performance in the actual stock market
  • And many more useful items

This course does not teach any trick to get rich quick nor does not offer any 100% success rate to pick stocks. You will see how money can still be made consistently even with a low success rate, as long as proper risk & money management is done.

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