The Complete Python Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced

Learn ethical hacking, penetration testing and network security while working on Python coding projects!

If you would like to master ethical hacking while working on practical Python coding projects, you are going to LOVE this course! Learn Python hacking, ethical hacking, penetration testing, cybersecurity, and more with over 17 hours of HD video tutorials! This course was designed for students interested in intermediate to advanced level ethical hacking tutorials, however it is still taught in a step-by-step, beginner friendly method. We will begin with coding basic port and vulnerability scanning tools, move onto SSH, FTP, and spoofing attacks, take a look at network analysis, and finish up with coding a reverse shell, command and control center, and several website penetration testing tools. Upon completing this course, you will be prepared for a job in the cybersecurity industry.

8 Coding Projects in the course:

• Port and vulnerability scanner

• SSH brute-forcer

• MAC address changer

• ARP spoofer

• DNS spoofer

• Multi-functioning reverse shell

• Keylogger

• Command and control center

Topics covered in the course:

• Introduction and setup

• Port and vulnerability scanning

• SSH and FTP attacks

• Password cracking

• Sniffers, flooders and spoofers

• DNS spoofing

• Network analysis

• Coding a multi-functioning reverse shell

• Keyloggers

• Command and control center

• Website penetration testing

Still not sold? Check out a few of the awesome reviews this course has received from customers:

• “This course was very helpful to me. It taught me to actually continue coding. I used to try to learn using tutorials but I would lose interest quickly. This course has me writing code over and over to get the feel of the syntax and gives me a better understanding of how coding actually works. Thanks!”

• “What a great course!! It helped to give me a deep understanding of many topics about my current CEH Certification. Thank you very much!”

• “The course is very well explained, projects are being developed and showing how they can be improved. I particularly liked the section dedicated to the reverse shell, I learned a lot. Thank you Joseph for the course.”

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