The Only IP Course you Will Ever Need!

The only course that will explain IP's in a simple and understandable format

As many of you already know, I have a book on Amazon called “The Only IP Book You Will Ever Need!” on AMAZON
However, many of you have asked me to create a course based on this and I finally gave in and decided to do it!

This course will certainly supplement my book, but will also give you a visual and auditory explanation of how to conquer the topic of IP’s, IP addressing in both IPv4 & IPv6.

It is meant to make it simple for you to understand and apply IP’s in any IT field.

But, you already know that if you are in, not just Networking, but other parts of IT, since without an understanding of IP’s you will have difficulties in any part of IT or computer-related fields.

Every person in IT should understand IP addressing and this course is exactly what you would need to give you a deep understanding of IP addressing and how to quickly apply it to your current job, your future career & while taking a certification exam like the CCNA.

IP’s is the most basic thing that all IT professionals need to understand no matter what part of IT you are in or are planning to get into.
So, voila!…here is my IP course to help you master everything IP related.

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