The Practical Guide to User Experience Research

Real-World knowledge and true life examples to bring your user experience research journey to life

Curious to understand if a User Experience Research role is right for you?

Hoping to grow your skillset or knowledge in User Experience Research?

Looking for practical tips and guidance you can apply to your interviews or role in Research?

Your Quick Guide to User Experience Research

There is a lot of valuable information out there about User Experience Research.  But instead of sorting through pages of resources, this course will condense it all into the “need to know,” most valuable and practical information to jumpstart your path to becoming a (most valuable) User Experience Researcher.

Practical and Applicable Learnings

Learning the theory behind research methodologies is only half the story!  You will also learn from real-life, practical examples that allow you to apply your skills to the types of research questions that will come up in an actual research role.  In this way you will learn the essentials and understand how to apply them.

Prepare for Interviews

Interviews in User Experience Research are easy to prepare for, if you know what to prepare!  This course will help you understand the tools you need to ace your interviews and feel confident with any questions thrown your way.

Let’s get started, or help enhance, your journey in User Experience Research.

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