UML and ObjectOriented Design Foundations

Get started with Object-Oriented Design and the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Use UML for effective communication!

The best-selling UML and Object-Oriented Design course on Udemy (Updated September 2022). Companion eBook included.

Explore the fundamental concepts behind modern, object-oriented software design best practices. Learn how to work with UML to approach software development more efficiently.

This course will help you become familiar with the fundamentals of object-oriented design and analysis*. I’ll introduce each concept using simple terms, avoiding confusing jargon. We’ll focus on the practical application, using hands-on examples you can use for reference and practice. 

(*)Many universities across the world require their students to complete this course as part of their Systems Analysis and Design curriculum.

Throughout the course, I’ll walk you through several examples related to software design and UML. Plus, we’ll delve into a case study to review all the steps of designing a real software system from start to finish.

What qualifies me to teach you?
I have more than 25 years of software development expertise. I’ve worked for companies like Apple, Siemens, and SAP.
As a software architect, I have designed and built several enterprise systems and frameworks, including core components of Siemens Healthcare‘s syngo image processing system. I’m one of the senior software architects behind the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, a framework built by Apple and SAP. I currently hold twelve patents related to inventions in the field of mobile computing.

Topics include:

  • Understanding software development methodologies

  • Choosing the right methodology: Waterfall vs. Agile

  • Fundamental object-Orientation concepts: Abstraction, Polymorphism, and more

  • Collecting requirements

  • Mapping requirements to technical descriptions

  • Unified Modeling Language (UML)

  • Use case, class, sequence, activity, and state diagrams

  • Designing a Note-Taking App from scratch

You will acquire professional and technical skills, together with an understanding of object-orientation principles and concepts. After completing this course, you’ll be able to understand the inner workings of object-oriented software systems. You will communicate easily and effectively with other developers using object-orientation terms and UML diagrams.


“I highly recommend this course to people at any point in their software design modelling career, especially if you like to be shown how to use something in real life. I also recommend it to anyone who’s thinking of recording a tutorial.” – Colin Hughes

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“Great course, I particularly like the fact that Mr. Nyisztor began with the concepts of OO design outside UML.” – Randall Reed

“This course is the best online course I have ever taken.” – Syed Aqib

“Good course! Easy to understand and apply. You’ll get up and running quickly with UML diagrams.” – Panos Filippakos

“I was amazed by the clarity of the explanation of the terminology – pokemon rules ;)” – Adam Rudnicki


  • Expert instructions
    As a professional software architect, I’ve been using UML for more than two decades.

  • Personalized support
    As a student of this course, you’ll get access to the course’s private forum, where I answer questions and provide support if necessary.

  • The companion eBook

  • Downloadable resources
    You get downloadable UML cheat sheets you can use as quick reference guides.

  • Continuous updates
    I keep enhancing this course to provide fresh and up-to-date content.


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