Unity Game Course: Brick Breaker 3D

Learn how to create Break Out / Arcanoid / Brick Breaker 3D with Unity Game Engine.

In this Course you’ll learn how to create a Break Out / Arcanoid / Brick Breaker 3D with Unity Engine. Those type of games are quite popular since the 1980s. I will show you step by step how you can create Brick Breaker 3D.

This course is a Beginner/Intermediate course, so if you have trouble in any case, write me a message or Q&A, and i’ll help as best as i can.

If you are beginner, you might have some trouble to follow, but the videos will guide you through the complete course. Don’t forget: You only become better if you repeat things and keep on learning!

So we create Systems which will give us the freedom to:

C# (Monodevelop)

  • A level create system to create our own playfield by simple settings

  • Editor Scripting (Intermediate Topic)

  • Automatic Borders which holds the balls and paddle in any screen resolution

  • Physics which handle all ball movement

Unity (2019.3)

  • we create a playfield

  • we create a GameManager

  • we create a Level Loader

  • we create objects to create quick and fast levels (Intermediate Topic)

Course Material

I provide the following Material with the Course:

  1. 1x Brick 3D Model

  2. 1x Background 3D Model

  3. several 2D Graphics and Masks

  4. You have to write the code on your own, i do not provide the final scripts!

All other graphics for Menu’s, Icons, Images or Buttons need to be created on your own.
All Materials i provide are for education only and should not be in your final release!


In the end of this course you will have a fully functional Break Out / Arcanoid / Brick Breaker 3D Game.


After you have created nice Menus, Buttons, and maybe additional content, upload the Game to any Gaming Website, Google Playstore, Apple Store or even Windows Store or Steam.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s make your dream game a reality!!

Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Video Course Length: ~10 hours 
Unity Version required: 5.3+

  • Course Category: Development
  • Size: 4.3 GiB
  • Download: Download
  • Rating: 3.43