WordPress Plugin Development with Vue.js (2020)

WordPress plugin with Vue.js

Vue is an amazing framework. Wordpress is the most common CMS of the world. Why not mix these two by creating a plugin?

This course aims to teach you how to create a WordPress plugin with Vue.js. This is how we are going to proceed, we are going to follow these steps carefully:

  • Create a local WordPress,

  • Build a Vue app with Vue CLI 3,

  • Import Bootstrap as a CDN,

  • Import others scripts that we will need,

  • Use an API to display the weather,

  • Turn our WP into an API,

  • Call our database to get posts…

During all these steps, we aim to master this plugin development process in order to develop anything we want with Vue inside Wordpress.

Why Vue? Vue can scale up to be used for full-blown single page applications, but you can also use it to add small bits of interactivity to sites, pages, or plugins where in the past you may have used jQuery. Vue is a great option here because it’s a quick and easy way to add interactivity, and it really streamlines the development process by bringing reactivity and component-based architecture to the table with fairly low overhead.

So if you are ready, let’s start to learn how to code your own plugin with WordPress & Vue.js.

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