IT & Software

QGIS plugin development with Python

This course will provide a thorough introduction to QGIS plugin development starting with the most basic plugins to advanced plugins, map tool plugins, processing plugins and more.  We will touch on the entire ecosystem of tools used to create plugins including Qt Designer and the QGIS specific Qt Widgets, the Plugin Builder 3 plugin for […]

IT & Software

Build Node.js apps with AWS DynamoDB and Docker containers

In this course you will learn how to: Build a REST API using Node.js alongside the Express library Persist data using AWS DynamoDB You will learn how to develop using DynamoDB on your local computer before deploying your app in production Containerize your app using Docker Push your app to AWS Elastic Container Registry Host your app using AWS Fargate […]


The Complete English Interview Course

Interviewing in English can be a daunting task. This course has been designed based on the experience of a UK career coach who has successfully helped 500+ international clients from Europe, Asia and Africa into top graduate jobs in the UK . You are going to learn many key lessons, that will help you to […]


Adobe Illustrator TShirt Design for Merch by Amazon

If you are here you already know what a great opportunity Merch by Amazon is! If you are looking to save money on hiring designers & create your own t-shirt designs this course is for you. In this course I show you real time design on Adobe Illustrator, in a  simple step by step format that teaches […]


YouTube Masterclass Your Complete Guide to YouTube

You’re here because you want to create a popular YouTube Channel, right? Maybe you’re brand new to YouTube, or maybe you have some experience but need help growing your existing channel. YouTube is the perfect place to grow your own brand, drive traffic to your website, and earn money from YouTube ads and your product […]