Office Productivity

PowerPoint & Excel Fusion (+250 PowerPoint Slides)

13,000+ Students have enrolled in my 13 Courses! The 4.65 Rating from student reviews shows the value packed in this course! Practicality: This course has a 250-slide PowerPoint Template and is a step-by-step guide to using PowerPoint & Excel together. PowerPoint and Excel are 2 very different pieces of software, however, this does not mean you cannot use PowerPoint and Excel together. In fact, Management […]


Learn Flowcharting and Pseudocode Be a better programmer

This is a great place to start your programming career or hobby. This course is best for you:……..If you have never programmed before, or ……..If you are fairly new to programming, or ……..If you can program, but are not familiar with flowcharting and pseudocode techniques. This is a generic course, meaning you will not write […]

IT & Software

Istio HandsOn for Kubernetes

Istio is one of the most talked-about frameworks in recent years! If you’ve worked with Kubernetes before, then you’ll want to learn Istio! With this hands-on, practical course, you’ll be able to gain experience in running your own Istio Service Meshes. The course has now been updated to Istio 1.15, which now supports Apple M1 […]